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Anchor along on the Harbourlands Park

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Canada Ontario Photos :: Collingwood :: Anchor along on the Harbourlands Park
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22 Apr 2013
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Anchor along on the Harbourlands Park

Inside Station Museum Collingwood

Father Time in Station Museum Collingwood

Memorial Walk of History in Harbourlands Park Collingwood

Steam Hammer Engine in Harbourlands Park Collingwood

Arboretum located in Harbourview Park Collingwood

Large Sundial in Harbourlands Park Collingwood

Boardwalk Trail in fall Collingwood

Ontario. Sunset at Lighthouse Point Collingwood

Collingwood grain elevators

Ontario. Swans with baby Cynets on Nottawasaga Bay Collingwood

Elvis Festival Collingwood

Mural on side of building done by John and Alexanadra Hood corner of Huron and St.Paul Collingwood

Station Museum with Memorial of Heroes who fell in Great War 1914-1918 erected in 1922 Collingwood

Bell from Victoria Public School  A.D.1884 located at Station Museum Collingwood

Inukshuk located in Sunset Point Park Collingwood

Foggy morning on Eugenia lake, Canada

Canoe ride through reeds. Eugenia lake.

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