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Goderich Canada Day Parade

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Canada Ontario Photos :: Goderich :: Goderich Canada Day Parade
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2 Jul 2015
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Goderich Canada Day Parade

Goderich Canada Day Parade

Boxing at Summerfest in Goderich

Miniature Tall Ship at Kryart Studio Goderich

Goose with Gosslings in Goderich Harbour

Salt being loaded into Algoma Navigator Freighter in Goderich Harbour

Algoma Navigator Freighter in Goderich Harbour

Freighter from Hong Kong in Goderich Harbour

Old Railroad Museum moved to become a restaurant in Goderich

Kayaking in Christopher Beach in Goderich

Farmers Market Saturday at Courthouse Park Goderich

Courthouse Park Goderich

Goderich Salt Mine Storage damaged Aug. 22, 2011 Tornado still in need of repair Oct. 9

Goderich Victoria Street United Church built 1878 damaged in tornado Aug.22 still in need of fixing Oct.9

Goderich Salt Mine damage from tornado unfixed Oct.9

Goderich damaged by Tornado Aug.22 still remain unfixed by Oct. 9

Cement Lions in Goderich Park

Salt Mines Goderich Harbour

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