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Richmond Hill - green & white

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Canada Ontario Photos :: Richmond Hill :: Richmond Hill - green & white
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9 Feb 2014
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Richmond Hill - green & white

Richmond Hill - shoveling after the snowfall

Richmond Hill - a white tree

Richmond Hill - beautiful ice-covered little tree

Richmond Hill - a broken tree-branch

Richmond Hill - a tree covered with ice

Richmond Hill - an icy path

Richmond Hill - beautiful icicles on the tree

Richmond Hill. A tree bent under the ice cover

Richmond Hill. A tree with icicles

Richmond Hill. A street after the ice storm

Richmond Hill. An icy path

Richmond Hill. A sidewalk covered with ice

Richmond Hill. A thick ice cover everywhere

Ice storm in Richmond Hill - a broken birch tree

Ice storm in Richmond Hill - a bush covered in ice

Ice storm in Richmond Hill

Ice storm in Richmond Hill - a tree covered with ice

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