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Downtown Toronto, 1987

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22 Apr 2013
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The skyline has changed over the years

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Downtown Toronto, 1987

Mount Pleasant Road north. Took this photo in 1987

Mount Pleasant Road

Upper Jarvis area

Dundas Square at night, Toronto

Glen Stewart Ravine Park Trail Beaches Toronto

Steps down to Glen Stewart Ravine Park Beaches Toronto

Seagulls on the Boardwalk Beaches Toronto

Leuty Lifeguard Station Kew Beach Toronto

Dahlia Flower Kew Gardens Beaches Toronto

Woodbine Beach Toronto

Toronto. Cherry Beach

Street Car downtown Toronto Beaches

Gazebo in Kew Gardens Park Beaches Toronto

Sign outside Murphy´s Law Irish Pub Restaurant in Beaches Toronto

Pick up Truck in front of Flower Vegetable Store in Beaches Toronto

Peacock at Toronto Zoo

Penquins at Toronto Zoo

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