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Niagara Falls. American side

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Canada Ontario Photos :: RomKri :: Niagara Falls. American side
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22 Apr 2013
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Niagara Falls is a collective name for the falls on Canadian and American sides. These falls consist of three parts: American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls (also on American side), and Canadian/Horseshoe Falls (the biggest).

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Niagara Falls. American side

Niagara Falls. Observation area

View of American Niagara Falls

Mighty Streem of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls. The Top of the Horseshoe

Niagara Falls. View of the Bridge Connecting Canadian and American Sides

Niagara Falls. American Falls

Niagara Falls. American Falls

Niagara Falls. Canadian Falls

Niagara Falls. View of the City - Hotels

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Ontario. Fall in Algonquin Park

Cottages near Algonquin Park

Colorful Fall Trees

Algonquin Park. Canadian Red Maples

Cottages on Oxtongue Lake near Algonquin Park

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